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Imagine you need new flooring installed in your home or business. You probably don’t know any local flooring companies off the top of your head. So, you go to Google and search “local flooring companies.” Out of the thousands of results that pop up, you compare the first few before deciding which to choose.

Your customers go through the same process. If your flooring website isn’t one of those first few results on Google, you’re losing business to local competitors. Nobody wants that. That’s why it’s vital for your flooring company to appear at the top of page one.

Local flooring companies turn to Thrive Media for their marketing needs. PPC, SEO, and web design—we’ve got you covered. Contact us today. 

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    SEO is a great marketing strategy for the long haul, but page-one results don’t happen overnight. We recommend investing in PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. PPC ads generate leads–and new customers–faster than SEO.

    When you search for something on Google, you’ll notice ads placed near the top of page one. These are PPC ads, and they put your website upfront fast so potential customers see your services right away.

    When you choose Thrive Media as your local marketing partner, we handle all aspects of your PPC campaign so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

    Grow your online presence today and give us a call or fill out our quick contact form.

    Organic Rankingwith Flooring SEO

    If you’ve researched other marketing companies in the past, you may be familiar with SEO. SEO is a valuable marketing strategy that organically increases your website’s ranking in search engine results. There are several aspects of SEO:

    1. Keyword-optimized content: Search engines love relevant and authoritative websites. With keyword-optimized content, you’ll show Google that you stand out from your competitors. Our SEO experts carefully optimize your website’s content so Google—and potential customers—know just which services you offer.
    2. Links from authoritative sources: Search engines also look at how many websites link back to your site. This can hurt your online presence if those websites are not trustworthy, flooring-focused sources. That’s why we only build high-quality backlinks to your website.
    3. Coding for better search engine crawling: It’s important to have a good website that’s coded to allow search engines to crawl and better categorize it.

    Our local flooring SEO services make your company visible online. And we don’t just help with your website’s SEO and visibility, we help manage your online presence and reputation.

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