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Marketing for Student Loan Providers

With tuition costs on the rise, more and more students rely on loans to fund their education. If you specialize in student loans, you know there is a wide range of loan providers for students to choose from. With so many options on the market, it’s important for your business to stand out among competitors.

How? The short answer is Google. If your company ranks at the top of search engine results, you’re guaranteed more online visitors and potential clients. While this may seem obvious, page one results don’t come easy. That’s why you’re here.

At Thrive Media, we’re experts in search engine marketing. We will increase your website’s online visibility with 100% white hat marketing techniques.

SEO for Student Loan Agencies

SEO is an important marketing strategy that increases your search engine rankings organically. There are three primary components of any successful SEO campaign: 

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    1. Keyword optimization: Google prefers websites with relevant content. Carefully optimized content demonstrates legitimacy to google (and your users). Our experts research and include the most valuable keywords for your business and optimize high-quality content for those topics. 
    2. Authoritative Backlinks: Search engines look at the domains that link back to your site. If these aren’t trustworthy websites that pertain to student loans, your online reputation and potential rankings could suffer. Our team builds high-tier backlinks so Google recognizes your business as an authority on student loans.
    3. Coding for better search engine crawling: It’s important to have a website that’s coded for maximum return on search engine crawls. Additionally, we’ll design a website that’s intuitive and appealing for visitors. 

    More Student Loan Leads via PPC

    SEO is a fantastic long-term marketing strategy, but it takes some time to deliver page-one results. We recommend investing in our PPC services for a comprehensive marketing strategy. PPC ads generate leads faster than SEO, meaning you can expect new clients almost as soon as your campaign begins.

    PPC ads place your website in front of potential clients regardless of your ranking for a specific search term. Our student loan PPC services follow all of Google’s best practices to ensure safe and reliable advertising for your business.

    We’d love to get started helping you grow your online presence today. Give us a call or fill out our quick contact form now.