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Off Page SEO
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    The Facts Of Off-Page SEO Optimization

    After the on-page optimization of your website is complete, it is time to begin with some off-page SEO optimization. This type of optimization is about creating a web presence on sites other than your own to tell the search engine what your company is about. By building this presence consistently we can tell Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines what your company’s website should show up for when searched.

    Building Relationships

    We can accomplish this by creating relationships with relevant company websites, business listing directories, social media profiles, and many other websites and returning a link back to your company website. There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites to build relationships with that can tell search engines what a specific page of your website is about. This off-page SEO can become complex when trying to promote multiple different keywords throughout many different pages of a company website. We compete with companies who have been maintained a high SEO ranking for years, building the best links and most optimized off-page SEO portfolio for our clients.

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    Building A Web Presence

    Off-page SEO can assist with the other aspects of internet marketing by creating a consistent web presence to build from. For example, by utilizing social media profiles your company will also be seen on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! Off-page SEO will also help for those individuals who still use directory listings such as YellowPages, DMOZ, Yahoo! Directory, and more. The main goal of these sites is to bring the consumer to your website to work their way down the funnel and into a prospective business client. But sometimes they skip the entire funnel and find you elsewhere. We’re fine with that too.

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